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Founded in 2000, we are Southern Africa’s leading socio-economic development consultancy. Our dynamic team contribute to a just world by strengthening transformative processes for social justice. Our evaluation work is engaging and meaningful; our training and facilitation is fun and exciting – we help connect people and organisations to their purpose.

Our specialist multi-role consultants are trainers, evaluators, researchers and facilitators, with a deep understanding of the social development field. We hate boring and we have no time for stagnant, outdated methods. Southern Hemisphere brings planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning (PMEL) to life. We power up planning, magnify monitoring, elevate evaluation and lighten up learning to create tangible, impactful change.



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Evaluation &
Applied Research

You need better insights for greater impact. We are experienced, pragmatic researchers and evaluators. We provide the full spectrum of applied research and evaluation services to inform your decision making.

Program Design
& Strategy

Success is driven by vision and careful planning. That’s why we help you design your organisational strategy, and programs that lead to stronger organisations and social change.


Monitoring, Evaluation &
Learning Systems

We partner with you throughout the monitoring, evaluation and learning process. With your team, we co-create the process and systems to measure success. MEL doesn’t need to be a lonely function.

Training &
Learning Hub

The Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning field is continuously advancing and it’s imperative to keep up with the movement, and we’ve got just the tools and skills to help you do that.