Program Design

We will co-create a detailed program and project designs to be implemented by your team and partners.

We can facilitate program design using three of the main design approaches namely, Logical Framework approach, Outcomes Mapping, or Theory of Change. Our amazing consultants are skilled at facilitating program design according to your project’s needs.

Ever mutable, we love to mix and match, selecting the best parts of each of these planning tools to match your needs.

Our flexible facilitation methods bring out the creativity in your teams to design the most impactful, and evidence informed, projects or organisational strategy.

Organisational Strategy

Need to design or review your strategy? We can help with that. We use a variety of analytical and strategic tools like design thinking and SWOT analysis to support your next level strategic plan. We also conduct reviews of your strategic plans to inform future strategy.

We take the powerful information we’ve gleaned about your organisation, and use it to design impactful programs. See our page on MEL for more information on how the programs we design are implemented.

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