Design thinking for social innovation

Learn about design thinking and how to apply this approach to challenges facing your organisation and develop innovative solutions to these challenges.

Course Description

Design thinking is a systematic creative process, methodology, and set of tools that can be used to explore, define, and create innovation around certain challenges. Add a fresh new approach to your methodology toolkit with our design thinking for social innovation course.

In this course you’ll learn all about design thinking and gain a working knowledge of design thinking tools. Using these tools, you’ll be able to develop innovative solutions to any challenge. Opportunities for reflection on the process and learning from experience will be key to the workshop methodology.

Course Level: Beginner

What you will learn

This course focuses on the Design Thinking approach and highlights creative problem solving.

By the end of this course, you’ll have:

  • An understanding of the design thinking process
  • Experience of a creative thinking process
  • Increased confidence around the application of design thinking
  • Experience with design thinking tools, including: journey mapping, context and stakeholder mapping, value network and persona mapping
  • A range of tools to stimulate creative thinking and problem solving

What the course will cover

Module 1: Discover

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Module 2:  Define

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Module 3: Develop

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Module 4: Deliver

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Why train with us

Our methods are interactive and you will learn by applying concepts to real life case studies.  See more about our methodology here.

What you will receive: A certificate of attendance upon course completion, resources in the form of presentation and handouts, examples and access to our training community.

Next public course:

Time commitment:


Dates TBC

2 days

in person/virtual


Inhouse Course

We can design an in-house course for you with case studies and exercises tailor made to your organisation and projects.

The team is amazing and well versed in what they do! very approachable and caring in their approach. I was shown a world of strategic planning that I had never seen/understood before, forever grateful. No matter your background in the working sectors, these tools offered by SH are golden! check out their courses! 20/10 stars!!

Training participant